Meeting your safety obligations to your workforce is a serious business. Standards evolve, and it can be tough to keep abreast of them. So it’s great to know you have a partner in Safetyquip – a business that makes it its business to know your safety issues, and stocks all the safety work wear and PPE you will need to address them.

At Safetyquip, we stock every kind of safety equipment and PPE, including respiratory protection, hi vis safety work wear, height safety and skin protection. We stock safety equipment for materials handling, with ladders, platforms and elevated work spaces. And we’ve got you covered for personal protective equipment for the feet, with waterproof and steel capped work boots, and the Oliver range of smelter boots.

If fire is the hazard you need protection from, look no further than Safetyquip. We carry world class fire extinguishers for fighting all classes of fire – and our friendly staff will discuss your working environment and help you choose the right extinguisher for your needs.

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