Four of our Height Safety and Confined Space Entry Suppliers

PPE Safety carries products from all of the major height safety and confined space suppliers but has a few partners offering special support to its customers; these include LINQ, Scott Safety, Honeywell/Miller and MSA.

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LINQ is a new player but don’t be fooled, its directors have extensive experience. With 12 year’s manufacturing experience on the international stage, Steve Sudgen leads the manufacturing team, so they are able to quickly develop a solution that fits your requirements. LINQ is your high quality competitively priced entry level product partner. LINQ has a wide range of lifelines, ropes, harnesses, lanyards, karabiners, straps, anchors, tripods and kits to meet all of your essential height safety and confined space entry requirements.


All LINQ harnesses and lanyards are independently tested and certified by SAI Global in accordance with Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1891.1 2007. ProChoice the name behind LINQ invests in the most respected and much stricter SAI Global Certification process and Quality Assurance Program.  The SAI Certification is displayed in the form of the SAI Global Standards Mark or “5 Ticks” logo representing reliability, quality assurance and safety.

In addition to their full range of separate products, LINQ also offers three ready-made kits that are suitable for a broad range of occupations.

These include:


These kits have been designed to meet the general requirements of workers who are working at heights in most workplace situations. The kits also offer exceptional value for money as opposed to buying the items individually. LINQ also offer a custom kit service. Customers can tailor a kit to suit the needs of their individual work site, choosing from any LINQ harness, lanyard, rope, karabiner and accessory. The possibilities with the custom kit option are endless.


Scott Safety:

Scott Safety has 75 years manufacturing history in Australia and a well-established international reputation for the Protégé range of Gas Detection Monitors which feature low cost of ownership, simplicity of use and ease of service. Scott’s full SCBA (Self-

Contained Breathing Apparatus) range is also offered. Scott Safety’s Protégé gas detectors and comprehensive range of escape and SCBA solutions are ideal for your confined space entry projects. In 2017 3M acquired Scott Safety. This bolsters Scott Safety’s range of products giving customers access to more products including; respiratory, hearing and fall protection and introduces the backing of 3M. With the brand

recognition and quality assurance of 3M, customers can be rest assured that the products are of quality.

Scott Safety’s range of products includes;

  • Respiratory protection
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Compressors & charge stations
  • Thermal imaging
  • Gas & flame detection

Since there is an increase in ergonomically focused designs. SCBA sets need to be comfortable, allow movement and provide weight distribution that reduces the stress on the wearer. Comfort in many cases equates to less weight. This is why Scott Safety has introduced the ACS (Advanced Carrying System) range. Scott Safety’s ACS represents advancement in SCBA carrying systems. It is significantly lighter than any other carrying system and offers the wearer the ultimate in comfort and flexibility, combined with the highest standards of performance. Range highlights – soft and rigid back plates, high performance pneumatics, choice of face masks, carbon fibre or steel cylinder options, multiple escape set options.

AS/NZS 1715:2003 provides a basis for the selection of respirators, training in use, and check for fit and provides for the care and maintenance of equipment to help ensure an effective respirator program is in place. In regards with service and maintenance Scott Safety breathing apparatus should be checked at intervals laid down in the user instructions, and should be serviced in accordance with manufacturer instructions detailed in the service schedule. Only trained personal who hold an in-date Scott Safety Certificate, should check and maintain Scott Safety breathing apparatus.



Honeywell/Miller has 5 decades supplying a wide range of internationally recognized premium height safety and confined space entry products backed by technical and engineering excellence. Honeywell/Miller Davits, harnesses, falcon and mighty lite self-retracting lanyards and winches, anchor points and rescue kits along with their engineered vi-go ladder systems make Miller a premium brand in the height safety and confined space entry market. If you need a heavy duty, specialized or complex solution, Miller is your go-to recommended partner.

Miller’s range of fall protection includes;

  • Harnesses
  • Lanyards & fall arrestors
  • Anchorages
  • Engineered systems

The engineered systems are permanent horizontal and vertical fall protection systems designed for heavy usage with minimal maintenance. Miller’s range of harnesses is designed for rugged work environments and addresses the needs of different applications and various industries. Harnesses and lanyards are third party tested and certified by SAI Global to meet Australian and New Zealand standards.


To aid with confined space entry Honeywell also has respiratory protection. Sperian Protection which is now a part of Honeywell design and manufacture respiratory protection products. They design their respiratory protection products to be worn day-in, day-out. Their solutions include disposable respirators, re-usable respirators, SCBA and gas detection products. These products protect workers from a range of industries from oil and gas to mining to firefighting.



MSA is the premium supplier of gas detection products in Australia with up to 5 years warrantee and full self-servicing available for lifetime low cost of ownership. We also feature MSA’s SCBA, confined space entry and height safety products. MSA Altair 4 and 5 gas detectors are the leaders in premium gas detection products with up to 5 years warrantee. Complemented by MSA’s confined space entry and SCBA kits make MSA your complete partner for confined space entry projects.

Their complete range of products includes:

  • Protective
    • Fall Protection Equipment
    • Eye Protection
    • Face Protection
    • Head Protection
    • Hearing Protection
  • Equipment
    • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Detectors
    • Fixed Gas & Flame Detection
    • Portable Gas Detection
  • Respirators
    • Air-Purifying Respirators (APR)
    • Supplied Air Respirators (SCBA)

MSA supplies its products to a wide variety of workplace markets. MSA’s products are throughout a range of workplaces each designed to help workers and improve productive.

These include:

  • Fire Service
  • Industrial
  • Oil & Gas
  • Contractor
  • Mining
  • Utilities


Hierarchy of control

Below is a hierarchy of ways to reduce injuries in the relevant categories. Listed from most effective to least effective are methods. These methods are best layer on top of each other to ensure maximum protection.


To make sure that you and your workplace are compliant with the legislation and safety corporate bodies remember to have all your height safety and confined space entry equipment inspected every six months, particularly webbing products, to make sure it is all up to date, working correctly and certified. If something is not working correctly it should be replaced immediately so that you are compliant and get back to work. Look for your local inspector if you need your equipment inspected.

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